Cardigan Complex


Someone asked me about the cats and Tumblr is just being naughty with not letting me reply to your question. So here they are, oldest to youngest. :)

Parker, Tristan, Dustoff (Dusty), Sophie, and Lloyd.

Parker and Lloyd are Korats, a rare breed from Thailand. Parker’s just quiet and dignified and perfectly behaved-  Lloyd is a total goobersmooch and loves everyone and everything he could possibly meet. Lloyd’s also very helpful. (Incredibly darn helpful. Lloyd, get out of there, don’t take that, put that down helpful.)

Tristan is the rather crabby crack-house rescue. Okay, he’s downright a grump some days, but the older he gets the mellower he is. Maybe when he’s 20 he’ll stop terrorizing the dogs. :/

Dusty is my super kind bottle-fed survivor kitty who used up 8 of his nine lives in the first few months (and he knows he’s people. Not a cat. There was a mixup somewhere, he’s sure of it.) He almost went blind due to a virus as a baby, so you’ll see a little haze to his eyes in most photos. It also changed his eye color to that orange-copper you see. Kind of interesting, but scary as heck when he was little. :(

Sophie came out of the neighbor’s garbage can as a starving kitten and uh, Simon said we had to keep her. Simon loves his Sophie. Which is good, she’s totally a red-headed calico. Her way or the highway. She’s all legs and attitude.