Cardigan Complex

Aug 3

Hello Kitty Collar…

*laughs* A bunch of people were asking where I got the Hello Kitty collar, and I can’t figure out how to reply to the original post, sooooo….

(Simon has a Patriots collar from her that he’s had for three years now. I just wash it in the washer, and it dries great and looks fantastic.)

I admit it, I am a total collar/lead collector. I have like oh, two jackets that aren’t dog show jackets, but the dogs probably have 30 plus different collars for each dog. I don’t dare look to get serious numbers, I just know I’m probably on the 12 step program. ;)

(The charm, though… I bought at the Hello Kitty store in the mall. Yes, I totally bought her a charm for her collar. The people working the counter thought it was terribly awesome.)